About my book reviews

It all started at secondary school when I was eleven or twelve, and we were required to keep a reading journal as part of our English class. This was the time I began to fall in love with books and reading. I give much credit to my school for making me into a book worm – it was by far the best thing they ever did for me.

I cannot recall exactly, but we were very likely given a lesson on how to write reviews and I, no doubt, did my best, although I can imagine a review consisted of a basic plot outline and whether or not I liked it. I’m guessing, but they probably weren’t good enough to be included in The Times Literary Supplement. I didn’t write many, and the actual reviews stopped early on, and my reading journal just turned into a simple list of dates, books and authors. I continued this all through school and beyond. There is a gap – between autumn 2000 and spring 2005 – but I’ll forgive myself because life has a tendency to distract, and among other things, I was at university during this time.

I began the review writing, in ernest, again in 2016, when I decided to take part in a Facebook reading challenge. It was fun, and I completed it, writing my opinions of the books on my Facebook profile. After the challenge, I continued my Facebook reviews until I joined Bookstagram (Instagram for bibliophiles!) in 2019. You can follow me @alittlebrightcorner. It was also always my intention to create a book blog – and here we all are…

Although I still can’t promise broadsheet quality, I hope you will find my reviews enjoyable and much more than simple plot synopsis. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to read one of the featured books. I hope so.

Happy reading, everyone.